Dear ladies!

Treat your body and soul only the best professional care. Put yourself in professional hands and let them take care of your physical and mental wellbeing and fresh look.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Anahit and I come from Armenia, where I studied English and Russian at the State University of languages. After completing my studies I moved to the Czech Republic. Eventually I realized that I’m interested in beauty care and health much more than in my original profession. Actually, I enjoyed it since childhood, but only now I have opportunity to deal with my favourite activities professionally.
I attended a number of prestigious training and retraining courses in cosmetology, massage, appearance and healthy lifestyle. I’m still trying to extend my qualifications and experience. Now I am able to perform all the tasks offered, as well as expert advice on all matters relating to appearance and well-being of clients entrusted to my care.
I use only top quality products - cosmetics brand Janssen Cosmeceutical, professional make-up brand MAC and Ingolt and massage natural oils in organic quality. All the tasks I perform the best known methods only, which I’m constantly improving.
I very much appreciate clients, and I’m trying to respect their uniqueness. I am able to provide care tailored according to specific needs and requirements, whether for medical or relaxing massage or beauty services. I can handle every type of skin and offer solutions for the most common female problems such as cellulite, back pain and overall fatigue. I professionally assist in the selection of makeup and cosmetics for everyday use, and advise how to achieve a fresh, more flexible, and healthier skin.
In my salon I’m trying to conjure up a friendly, cozy atmosphere, creating a soothing haven for female soul.






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